How NRC Works For You

Neuse River Capital offers discretionary portfolio management services for individuals, trusts, estates, and non-profit organizations. Clients’ needs and investment objectives drive NRC’s investment advice and planning. NRC’s investment thesis is that an indexed approach permits broad diversification while keeping fee drag to a minimum.

Understanding you comes first

• Discussions with you will direct your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and other relevant information at the beginning of our advisory relationship.
• Our discussions and your input will enable NRC to develop a strategy to give you continuous and focused investment advice and management.

Then your portfolio

• NRC will customize an investment portfolio for you in accordance with the strategy we developed together in the first step.
• Each investment in your portfolio is chosen on the basis of whether it is best for you.
• NRC does NOT get paid to sell any products to you; in fact the only compensation NRC earns is from management fees paid by you, the client.

Continuing relationship

• Once your investment portfolio is constructed, NRC will monitor your portfolio’s performance on an ongoing basis and will rebalance the portfolio as required by changes in market conditions and in your financial circumstances.
• Regular contact with you will make sure NRC continues to manage your portfolio consistent with your needs and goals.